London 2012 Olympics

In the history of the celebrations of the Olympics – the truest representation of GLOBAL sporting participation – the great city of London became the first modern city to host the Summer Olympics for the third time (1908 & 1948) and gets the opportunity to host the world for its first time in the 21st Century.

Being as rare an event this is – an Olympic event in London rather than The Olympics (as well as it coinciding with The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee); we thought it’d be a good idea to do something that reflects The Olympics.

We’ve had some astonishing competitions so far in the swimming pool (congratulations Michael Phelps on 20 Olympic medals so far – WOW!) and on the road & indoor cycle events (Bradley Wiggins is just monstrous and Sir Chris Hoy and his squad are relentless). It looks like it’s Team USA battling it out with Team China for supremacy while everybody else competes for 3rd place.

Despite all that, we think it’s fair to say that the most famous and crowd-pulling events at The Olympics are Track & Field. Most of the more widely known athletes belong on the Track or on The Field (which starts today).

So, in honour of this, we have a new project that we’ll be running throughout the remainder of the year to celebrate all things Track & Field.

It is, of course, titled: “Track & Field” and in a very TEAM Taiwo way, it is subject to our interpretation.

You can purchase prints in various formats, use the images for digital cards or download them for your desktop background.


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